I’m Christian Menzel. A Berlin-based composer and sound designer.


I am an Berlin-based, multidisciplinary composer and sounddesigner who focuses on branding and storytelling sound design. I am passionate about creating sound identities, audiophile experiences, and tailored songs that connect culture and commerce together. My relationship and work with sound textures has been influenced by music styles, ranging from Rock, Pop, Folk, Classic, Dance and Berlin-Electro.

I believes in the relationship great music creates, the power of a good idea and the superiority of good composition.
My process goes beyond composing aesthetically beautiful songs and soundscapes but into the mind of the consumer, where I believe that good sounddesign should solve problems and helps to position a brand so it stands out within its industry and niche.

If you are searching for contemporary music for your TV or web commercial or maybe a loop for your website, we can compose and create it for you. Or take a look around our music library to see if there is something that already fits your needs.


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Music composition and production for moving pictures, artist and installations
Voiceover recording (IP-ready)


Canne Lions
Art Directors Club
One Show